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Did you know that getting a chest x-ray can cost between $48 and $620 and in most cases both fees are approved by your network? If quality is equal and your employee has a $1,000 deductible, which one would they choose? Lowering your employees costs saves you money as fewer reach their out of pocket deductible. Which would you choose?

Hifoo Chest XRAY Cost: $48
Hifoo Chest XRAY Cost: $620

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Frequently Asked Questions

I spend too much on health benefits and would like to save, can HIFOO help?

Yes, we can show you how to save you and your employees a lot on healthcare expenses.

Is HIFOO health insurance?

No, HIFOO is not health insurance. However, we want everyone to be covered by health insurance, so do not drop your health insurance coverage.

I have health insurance for my employees why would I need HIFOO?

Your employees will use HIFOO to save money on their out of pocket costs.

We have self-funded health benefits, will HIFOO save my company money on health services?

Yes, with HIFOO you will significantly lower your healthcare expenditures. HIFOO lowers your employees out of pocket expenses resulting in fewer of them reaching their deductible, leading to savings for both you and your employees.

I like my current health benefits, will I need to change them?

No, you keep your current benefits. We work to reduce costs no matter who your health coverage is with, however in the future you may modify your coverage to save even more.

We are changing the way healthcare works for you

We started HIFOO because we knew there was better way for patients and doctors to interact while aligning the needs of both employees and employers to reduce healthcare costs. A way that values quality and transparency over bureaucracy. A solution that fosters the relationship between healthcare providers and patients rather than standing in the way. Reducing costs for employers and administrative hassles for providers and giving patients the ability to find affordable, cost transparent health services were the driving forces in developing HIFOO.