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...because we knew there was a better way. A way that values quality and transparency over bureaucracy. A way that fosters the relationship between healthcare physicians and patients rather than standing in the way. A way to give patients the ability to find affordable, cost transparent health services. And a way that reduces costs for employers and minimizes administrative hassles for providers. Knowing that we can create a better way was the driving force in developing HIFOO.

HIFOO is a Marketplace

Want happier Employees?

HIFOO can help your business

Eliminate Surprise Medical Bills
Huge savings on healthcare services
Happy and healthy employees

A better benefit for you and your employees

Transparent, affordable health services improves your employees access to the care they need without the fear of a surprise medical bill.

Help your employees save on medical expenses

By guaranteeing affordable healthcare services, HIFOO reduces your employees out-of-pocket healthcare expenses.

Take Control. It's your choice.

Cost: $55
Cost: $764
Why would you pay $764 for a Chest X-ray when you can get it for $55? By choosing HIFOO you can save significantly on your out of pocket healthcare expense.

Saving is as simple as 1, 2, 3

Transparent, low cost healthcare rates. Guaranteed.
Search for healthcare services
Select a healthcare clinic and schedule your appointment
Obtain the care you need without worrying about hidden costs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HIFOO? HIFOO is a marketplace that connects you with cost effective care where you can shop and pay for the services that your doctor refers you for. HIFOO pre-shops for healthcare services in your area so you may obtain the best care at an affordable price.
Is HIFOO available in my area? HIFOO is available in the Greater Seattle area.
Can anyone join HIFOO? HIFOO is currently only available to employers who sponsor all of their full and part-time employees to receive this benefit.
How do employees benefit with HIFOO? They are able to save hundreds to thousands of dollars by using the intuitive healthcare shopping tools that HIFOO offers.

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