Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About HIFOO

What is HIFOO?
Why would I need HIFOO?
Do I need a primary care doctor with HIFOO?
Is HIFOO health insurance?
Is HIFOO a discount health plan?
How does HIFOO lower healthcare services cost?
Should I replace my insurance with HIFOO?
Can anyone join HIFOO?

Common Healthcare Related Questions

Are healthcare service prices all the same?
Are healthcare service costs transparent?
What is a surprise medical bill?
Why can’t I shop for healthcare services in the same way I shop for anything else?
How does my healthcare deductible affect me?
Why are healthcare services so expensive?
How many people declare bankruptcy because of medical bills?
Are people afraid to obtain healthcare services because the cost is usually much more than expected?

Business Related Questions

Can HIFOO save my company money even if I’m already on a self-funded health plan?
I like my current health benefits, will I need to change them?
I already have health insurance, do I need HIFOO?
How do employees benefit with HIFOO?