Improve your Medical Practice

A New Approach

HIFOO is committed to improving your cash flow, and reducing your administrative hassles. HIFOO’s healthcare services marketplace enables you to fill gaps in your schedule with patients needing the healthcare services you provide. As a HIFOO physician you are guaranteed to be paid 100% of the time in a timely manner, with no risk of defaulted payments. HIFOO physicians don’t have to worry about filing claims or dealing with billing and collections.

Don’t worry about billing, Isn’t it time to get back to doing what you love…..taking care of your patients.


HIFOO is a Marketplace

Patients come to HIFOO to shop for and schedule competitively priced healthcare services.

Maximize Efficiency

HIFOO helps you minimize gaps in your schedule by helping fill available appointment times.

Eliminate Claims Processing

HIFOO removes the need to process a patients insurance coverange and file claims.

Recieve Payments Quickly

You recieve the payment within 5 days of completing a scheduled healthcare service.

Guranteed Payments

Because patients pay while scheduling their service, you're guaranteed to recieve your payments.

Its Free

HIFOO is a free to use platform that can increase the capabilities of your facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to change my practice?

No. You do not have to change your practice. HIFOO allows you to control the appointments you accept and work with HIFOO patients to fill your available appointment times.

Is HIFOO available in my area?

HIFOO is available for physicians in the Greater Seattle area who would like to offer their services on HIFOO.

How do HIFOO patients find me?

With HIFOO, you set up your online store. You have the flexibility to offer the services that your practice can handle. You input your address, hours and availability and when a patients searches for services that you offer, they’ll have the opportunity to schedule an appointment.

Does HIFOO benefit my patients?

Yes, HIFOO will benefit both you and your patients. Your patients will shop for affordable services online and pay prior to the appointment, you have zero risk for missed payments and your patients are getting a lower, transparent rate that you chose to offer.

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