Lower Patient Healthcare Costs

A New Approach for Patients

HIFOO provides 100% cost transparency and put’s you in control of your healthcare expenses. As a HIFOO member you can shop for fairly priced healthcare services that your doctor wants you to have in advance of receiving your care. This means that there is no risk of an astronomically high healthcare bill after you have received care. By reducing the cost of your healthcare services and providing 100% price transparency, more of you will save money. This means less money out of your pocket and less fear obtaining the care you need.


It’s a marketplace

Doctors and clinics offer their services for affordable prices. Shop for competitively priced healthcare services

Price Transparency

You see the exact cost of the healthcare services your doctor wants you to have.

Save Time, Schedule Online

Shop and schedule your healthcare services online.

Save Money

The costs of healthcare services can vary by more then 20 times. With HIFOO you pay the lowest prices!

Eliminate Surprise Bills

By combining 100% cost transparency with lower healthcare costs you never have to live with the fear of a surprise medical bill.


Get started today as a employer sponsored member of HIFOO. If your employer is not enrolled have them Contact HIFOO today.

The Problems with Healthcare…

It’s expensive for you: Even with insurance healthcare is expensive. You have out of pocket expenses to pay and a deductible to meet. In the current system, you receive a doctors referral for a medical test, you go in for the test and don’t know the cost. You then receive a bill in the mail a few weeks to months after the medical service is performed. These bills are usually larger then expected and you are responsible to pay them. Healthcare costs vary by up to 1800%: The approved costs for services are highly variable. Most people are unaware of this. For example, the insurance approved price of a Chest X-Ray can range from $48 to $880. That’s right, the same quality Chest X-Ray can vary in cost by up to 1800%. Surprise medical bills lead patients to delay obtaining care: Up to 40% of people in the USA delay or neglect obtaining needed healthcare services because of their fear of a surprise medical bill.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can HIFOO save me money even if I’m already on an employer sponsored health insurance plan?

Yes, with HIFOO you will significantly lower your healthcare expenditures. HIFOO lowers your out of pocket expenses.

Is HIFOO available in my area?

HIFOO is available for patients in the Greater Seattle area. Employees must be sponsored by their employers to access savings available for patients and their families at HIFOO.

I like my current health benefits, will I need to change them?

No, you keep your current benefits. We work to reduce costs no matter who your health insurance coverage is with.

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