Reduce Healthcare Costs, Improve Health Benefits

A New Approach

HIFOO’s solution provides 100% cost transparency. Members can see and shop for fairly priced healthcare services in advance of receiving their care. This means that there is no risk of an astronomically high healthcare bill after they have received care. By reducing the costs of healthcare services and providing 100% price transparency, fewer of your employees will be reaching their deductibles. This means less money out of each of their pockets, as well as less money out of your pocket.



Your employees see exactly what they’ll be paying for their healthcare services .


HIFOO pre-shops for the lowest healthcare rates, this guarantees that your employees are getting the most affordable prices when scheduling a service.

Fewer Deductibles Met

By guaranteeing low cost healthcare services, you reduce the number of your employees that will reach their deductible.

Track the Savings

You can see the total amount of money that your employees have spent on their healthcare services.

Align your companies needs with your employees needs

By combining 100% cost transparency with lower healthcare costs results in less employee spending. Saving both you and your employees money.

Free Trial

HIFOO is free for the first 3 months with no obligation to continue after trial period.

The Problems with Healthcare…

It’s Expensive: Healthcare costs increase annually. Your options are to increase employee deductibles, reduce their benefits or to change your insurance network. It’s expensive for your employees: Provider networks have highly variable approved costs for services. This has a huge impact on your employees. For example, the price of a Chest X-Ray can range from $48 to $880. That’s right, the same quality Chest X-Ray can vary in cost by 1800%. Deductibles hurt both employees and employers: The current belief is that once a deductible is met, healthcare is free. That is not the case, the balance due shifts to the Health Plan Sponsor. Whether you have a self funded or a fully funded plan it costs you more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can HIFOO save my company money even if I’m already on a self-funded health plan?

Yes, with HIFOO you will significantly lower your healthcare expenditures. HIFOO lowers your employees out of pocket expenses resulting in fewer of them reaching their deductible, leading to savings for both you and your employees.

Is HIFOO available in my area?

HIFOO is available for employers with employees in the Greater Seattle area.

I like my current health benefits, will I need to change them?

No, you keep your current benefits. We work to reduce costs no matter who your health coverage is with, however in the future you may modify your coverage to save even more.

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